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JediOKC Club Charter

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On behalf of the club, the JediOKC Council would like to welcome those who have found us lately and those who will find us in the future! We are glad to have you here and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

JediOKC Star Wars Fan Club
- Club Charter -

Revised: 1/1/2020

  1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the JediOKC Star Wars Fan Club (herein referred to as JediOKC).
  2. Statement of Purpose: JediOKC is a contrasting group of people who all have one thing in common: the love of all things Star Wars. We are collectors, movie buffs, costumers, gamers and much more.
    1. JediOKC promotes local and regional interest in Star Wars, science fiction, and charitable organizations.
    2. JediOKC facilitates its club meetings and related events.
    3. JediOKC represents itself and its event hosts with distinction and respect.
    4. JediOKC provides a 365/24/7 online website (herein referred to as
  3. Membership.
    1. Membership in the club is FREE! By having an active, registered username on, or by simply participating in a club meeting or event, you are considered a member of the club.
      1. A Star Wars costume is NOT required for club membership.
      2. A JediOKC t-shirt is NOT required for club membership.
    2. JediOKC members are expected to abide by JediOKC's Code of Conduct during all club meetings and events, and when participating in the online forums.
  4. Meetings, Events, and Promotions.
    1. JediOKC shall meet no less than twice per month, with exceptions made for events open to all club membership hosted by JediOKC and holidays.
    2. JediOKC shall host club meetings and events according to the statement of purpose.
    3. Meeting dues in the amount of $2.00 are voluntary. If you pay the dues, you will receive a ticket at the meeting for a drawing to win a prize. The first time you attend a meeting, your dues are waived and the ticket is free.
    4.'s Club Meetings forum lists the next scheduled meetings and contains the minutes of any past meetings held. So if you miss a meeting, you won't be left out on what was discussed or planned.
    5. JediOKC periodically plans charity events, movie nights, family nights, cookouts, club promotions, etc. JediOKC also participates in numerous public events for schools, hospitals, businesses, communities, and various charities. While JediOKC understands not every member can participate in every event, these events are planned for JediOKC's members. JediOKC is as much about social interaction as it is about online interaction. We would love to have as much participation as possible.
    6. JediOKC does not participate in private events such as birthday parties. Individual club members are free to privately participate in private events at their own discretion and risk. JediOKC cannot be held liable for any mishaps, damages, etc., when club members choose to participate in a private event.
    7. When JediOKC promotes itself or its event host, it shall abide by JediOKC's Code of Conduct (Article V) and all of the event host's policies that do not conflict with JediOKC's Code of Conduct.
    8. If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities that JediOKC should consider, but don't want to post them publically, you may contact any one of JediOKC's council members through electronic means (e-mail or private message) or in person.
  5. Code of Conduct.
    1. General.
      1. JediOKC is for all ages, races, and sex, with no discrimination.
      2. Treat other members the way you would want to be treated.
      3. The content of all JediOKC activities (public and online) is considered FAMILY-FRIENDLY. Any and all discussions and activities of a sexual nature or foul language are prohibited.
      4. JediOKC is a Star Wars club, not a drama club. Individuals who have personal matters and issues (positive or negative) not related to the club shall not expect the club membership to tolerate, discriminate, or pass judgment upon such matters and issues.
    2. Online (including, but not limited to, and JediOKC's social media).
      1. The JediOKC Council moderates the forums and reviews all online content directly related to the club. The following actions may be enforced at the discretion of the JediOKC Council:
        1. A warning e-mail and/or private message with a request for the post to be edited
        2. Immediate removal or moderator edit of a post or thread
        3. Temporary ban
        4. Permanent ban
      2. The following is NOT allowed:
        1. Bad language or content of vulgar or questionable taste
        2. Flaming (the act of sending an angry, hostile, or abusive message)
        3. Spamming
        4. Pornography and pornographic content
        5. Discussion or debate about religion or politics (exceptions will be made at the discretion of the JediOKC Council for discussions related to the Star Wars universe, such as Jedi and Sith theology and Republic and Imperial politics)
        6. Commercial advertising in any form without the consent of the JediOKC Council
      3. Toy and collectable trading is allowed with the following conditions:
        1. No markup of newly released figures and toys
        2. Trade at your own risk (JediOKC is not responsible for trades gone bad)
      4. All members should post at least one (1) message per month or be present at the meetings to maintain their status as a forum member. The JediOKC Council will periodically do a "spring cleaning" of the forum, and members will be notified if they are in danger of being removed due to lack of participation. Though joining the forum automatically makes an individual a JediOKC member, removal from the forum does not mean the individual has been removed from JediOKC membership.
    3. Public Appearances.
      1. JediOKC recognizes that its costumes represent characters from films, comics, and television, and as such, costume-wearers carry the responsibility of portraying these characters professionally and tastefully while in public. For these reasons, all members are prohibited from using foul language or behaving lewdly or obscenely while in costume and in public. If the character you are portraying is overexuberant or malicious, please keep the atmosphere of the event in mind to make sure that you are not making members, children, parents, or event coordinators uncomfortable or upset. This also applies to all plain-clothes JediOKC members.
      2. Costumed and plain-clothes JediOKC members are prohibited from wearing clothing considered inappropriate to family-friendly events.
        1. Attire that is not appropriate for the JediOKC events that may result in refusal of participation (to be agreed upon by a majority of the JediOKC Council in attendance), includes but is not limited to:
          1. Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
          2. Excessively torn clothing
          3. Clothing that, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin or cleavage that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family-friendly environment
            • While some costumes, by their nature and definition, show excessive portions of skin (e.g. Slave Leia, White Witch, etc.), these costumes should be worn in a Convention environment and not at an event specifically designated for children (e.g. D.A.'s Christmas Party, children's hospital visits, etc.).
        2. Appropriate undergarments are required for those wearing fitted costumes (e.g. spandex tights, zentai suits, etc.). A dance belt is required for men wearing spandex or similar material.
      3. JediOKC is dedicated to fostering an environment of friendship, positivity, and good will. To this end, JediOKC will not tolerate any sexual misconduct or harassment by or towards its members. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature before, during, or after a JediOKC event.
        • Sexual harassment, by law, includes requests for sexual favors, sexual advances, or other sexual conduct when (1) submission is either explicitly or implicitly a condition affecting membership in JediOKC; (2) the behavior is sufficiently severe or pervasive as to create an intimidating, hostile or repugnant environment; or (3) the behavior persists despite objection by the person to whom the conduct is directed.
    4. Disciplinary Action.
      1. JediOKC members who engage in such inappropriate conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination from JediOKC membership. It applies not only to conduct that violates state and federal laws concerning sexual harassment, but also to inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature.
  6. JediOKC Council.
    1. Statement of Purpose.
      1. The JediOKC Council (herein referred to as "the Council") is a steering committee of sorts that handles the day-to-day business and operation of JediOKC. The Council organizes club meetings and events, and maintains the club treasury, products and The Council upholds and enforces the JediOKC Club Charter. The Council serves the club, and not vice-versa. All JediOKC members have a say in how the club operates, whether they are a council member or not. All contributions and ideas are welcome.
      2. The Council is dedicated to the well-being of the club and its members, as well as supporting and encouraging interest in Star Wars, and other science fiction and fantasy genres.
    2. JediOKC Officers.
      1. The Council shall have seven (7) officers (herein referred to as council members). Six of the council member offices are permanent, while the seventh is re-elected approximately every twelve (12) months.
        1. Treasurer.
          • Maintains all JediOKC funds and recordkeeping for those funds.
          • Ensures that all JediOKC funds are kept reasonably safe and transferrable in the event they are no longer able to fill this responsibility.
          • Acts as JediOKC's primary point-of-contact for the purchase of products endorsed by the club.
        2. Event Director.
          • Acts as JediOKC's primary point-of-contact for outside charities, businesses and other organizations.
          • Ensures JediOKC's best interests are upheld by the event host should we participate in their event.
        3. Scribe/Historian.
          • Provides agendas and minutes for JediOKC club and council meetings.
          • Maintains an archive of JediOKC items and records for posterity. Examples are one of each JediOKC product (t-shirts, pins, etc.), newspaper articles, and anything else related to JediOKC deemed worthy of archival.
        4. Webmaster.
          • Maintains the website, forum source code and database(s).
          • Ensures all website costs are paid in a timely manner.
          • Communicates with the webhost for circumstances outside the control of the webmaster.
          • Ensures that all access and billing is transferrable in the event the Webmaster is no longer able to fulfill this responsibility.
        5. Forum Administrators and Moderators.
          • Uphold and enforce the Online ( Code of Conduct.
          • Ensure JediOKC events posted on are properly updated with dates and times.
          • Update the Photo Album with categories for each event.
      2. Current council members:
        • Carissa E. (Daikaro)
        • Latonya M. (LAMcHale)
        • Cara P. (dancer143)
        • Jason V. (Xwing)
        • Brian W. (Skywlkr) - Treasurer
        • Austin Y. (Austin)
        • Rick Y. (SMGtoy) - Event Director
      3. The Council amends the JediOKC Club Charter as the need arises.
    3. Criteria for Holding Office.
      1. Council members uphold and enforce the JediOKC Club Charter.
      2. Council members are expected to attend each monthly council meeting as well as one (1) of the club's regular meetings per month.
      3. Council members are expected to host no more than two (2) council meetings per year during their term. The council member hosting the meeting is expected to provide dinner for their fellow council members and any other guests attending the council meeting. This may be done at a location of the host's choosing.
      4. Council members will work together on upcoming events, council meetings, and forum moderating and administration.
      5. Failure of any council member to fulfill the criteria and uphold the duties of the Council are grounds for removal from office.
      6. When a council member's office is vacated (due to resignation, termination or term expiration), an election is held to fill that office.
      7. Council Member Eligibility & Terms:
        1. The candidate must have attended at least one (1) club meeting per month within the past three (3) consecutive months of club meetings.
        2. Twelve-month Council Member Term
          1. The elected candidate's term on the Council is twelve (12) months, unless they choose to step down during their term or fail to fulfill their council member duties.
          2. The elected candidate may not hold the twelve-month council officer's position for consecutive terms. Once their twelve-month term is up, they must wait at least one term before running again.
          3. As an acting council member, the elected candidate will be expected to act as the primary contact/liaison for at least one (1) club event during their term. The event may be one that comes in through general means, or one that the elected candidate initiates.
        3. Permanent Council Member Term
          1. The elected candidate's term on the Council is permanent until they choose to step down or fail to fulfill their council member duties.
      8. Campaign Process:
        1. The Council will announce the campaign and election dates. The candidate may campaign at club meetings and events, as well as on To campaign on, the candidate must contact a current council member with their intentions. The candidate will be provided access to post their campaign message in the Council Campaign forum.
        2. The candidate may promote themselves, but not criticize their opponents. There will be no head-to-head debates or "mud-slinging."
        3. If the campaign period expires and there are no candidates to fill a vacated council office, the office will remain open until a JediOKC member wishes to campaign for it. The campaign and voting process will start again to allow other JediOKC members to run for the office.
      9. Voting Process:
        1. The Council will provide ballots for all JediOKC members at the Thursday and Saturday meetings for the election month.
        2. There will be only one vote per family of each JediOKC member running.
        3. The minimum age to vote for a council member is thirteen (13).
        4. JediOKC members may only vote once during the election month. The Council will record the names of those who voted to ensure that no one votes twice. The Council will not record who each JediOKC member voted for.
        5. If there is only one known candidate for the Thursday vote, JediOKC members may vote for that candidate then, or wait to vote at the Saturday meeting to see if someone else chooses to run on or before the Saturday meeting.
        6. The Council will announce the winning candidate and the total number of votes they received at the Saturday meeting once all the Tuesday and Saturday votes are tallied.
        7. The Council (except for those running for the office) will reckon with a tie vote in a manner yet-to-be-determined.
        8. Twelve-month Council Member office
          1. Only non-council JediOKC members may vote, however, a council member may vote if they are running for a seat.
        9. Permanent Council Member office
          1. All JediOKC members may vote.
  7. Voting.
    1. All voting shall be based on a simple majority vote: 50% +1.
  8. Not-For-Profit Statement.
    1. JediOKC is a not-for-profit organization.
  9. Statement of Non-discrimination.
    1. JediOKC shall not discriminate on the basis of age, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability or handicap, race, religion, and sexual orientation. This policy includes, but is not limited to, membership, organization activities and events, and opportunities to hold office.